Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rick Bayless is unbeatable

Although this isn't a recipe - I just wanted to see if anyone caught the finale of Top Chef Masters last night. As we expected Rick Bayless was announced the winner! Was there ever any doubt? We've written about several Rick Bayless recipes on the blog (with more to come) and I wanted to point out specifically which ones are his:

Two different recipes for salsa verde one using raw serrano chilis, and one with roasted dried red chilis.

Guacamole is always good, but this is the best we've ever had.

Tim made me steak and plantains on the grill for our first Valentine's dinner. We've used this spice rub on beef, chicken, and fish ever since!

All these recipes came from the same Rick Bayless cookbook: Mexican Everyday. We're obsessed!

Mexican Everyday


  1. he really is amazing. he was actually at our wedding (maybe tim remembers?) and gave us that book with a night at his Topo restaurant. oh my holy god. best night ever.

  2. Loved him and his sincere passion for food. Although I was rooting for Hubert too.


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